Everthing works in Europe but not in the US

I can use some hints or info for the following issue I’m encountering…

My local hardware, in Europe, can be flawless managed in Europe via zerotier, but I’m have difficulties in the US.

In the US I can’t fully connect via Wifi or 5G to my servers, although I can ping the machines. I have webpages that I need to access on different machines which is not possible. I have changed the DNS servers to and, but no improvements yet.

Why can I ping my hardware but can’t access the running webserver on that hardware? Different internet providers (US Cable or 5G in the US) don’t make a different. It is not a dns-resolve issue, because there are no domain-names involved. This is not an issue when travelling abroard within Europe.

Example of addresses in this case:

Zerotier IP network range 192.168.192.xxx

Ping → OK → No response → Instance correct browser-tab webpage-name showing but not loading.

What can be done to resolve this? Thx in advance

No clue what has changed, but I’m able to access it now. Nothing changed, 5G operator firewall issues ?

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