Everyone can ping me but I cannot ping anyone

I am authorized on the network, I have my own IP and everything seems to be set up correctly, regardless of that my device is basically blind, this doesn’t happen with other devices connected to my router using zt.

This sounds to me like a configuration issue happening on my device, but I’m not too sure where to begin since it’s clean archlinux with no firewall or anything, iptables shows everything is accepted and I can connect and ping the internet. If I trace a ping to a device on the network it doesn’t even make it to the first step, just outputs dots. ip addr shows the zt network having an ip, tun is loaded and working, the zt service is working with no errors and I’m able to ping myself with the ip given by the zt network.

Also everyone can ping me so I’m not offline, but I’m completely lost as to why it’s a one way street. An android device and a windows device on the same router work with no issues able to ping in and out. I found one topic here that had an issue similar to mine but the solution was they watched a video and solved it, so I’m stuck in place (I also cannot find any video regarding this issue either)

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