Expired Zerotier certificate

Why is the Zerotier certificate expired, 01-Apr-16, on a newly installed app on Windows? How do I fix it?

What certificate are you speaking of?

I’m assuming you mean the certificate the binary/installer was signed with.

With code signing certificates, what matters is that the signature was made before the certificate expires. You can’t sign something after a certificate expired. But something signed in, for example January, 2016 with a certificate that expired in April, 2016 is still a valid signature. It’s just old.

Which brings me to another question. Are you installing an extraordinarily old version? The oldest release we have tagged in GitHub dates back to June 2016 at version 1.1.4. I recommend downloading the latest & greatest from https://zerotier.com/download/

Thank you for your prompt response. I have installed it recently, version 1.10.6. I have also attached a screenshot from the Certificate Manager in Windows showing the expiration date. Thank you very much

Looks like something old & vestigial in the installer. Will look into removing that from future installer versions.

Thank you. Would this expired certificate cause any security issues with ZeroTier or Windows?

No. It’s no longer used. Just a mistake that it’s still part of the installer.

Thank you very much! ZeroTier is a great product!

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