Expose Lan using zerotier and mikrotik

Hello there
i am new to mikrotik router ( i have got one today )

i have installed zerotier in mikrotik ,but i do not know how to let mikrotik make lan devices reachable via zerotier client :

netwrok A

PC- zerotier client IP (

network - B
internet modem
zerotier client -installed on mikrotik

PC 1 lan
PC 2 lan
PC 3 lan

what i need now is how to reach PC1-PC2 and PC3 in network B from PC in network A
I can do that by routing zerotier and physical network in linux , but do not know how to do that in mikrotik .

Plz Help

thanks for writing.
I’m not sure what to do on the mikrotik side. In general, you need to allow ip forwarding on the “router” device. Maybe someone will chime in, or you can check on the mikrotik forum or docs.

On the zerotier network, you can add a managed route via so that your zerotier devices will know the route to that LAN.

thanks ZT for replay

Actually i know how to deal with zerotier web console and work great with linux debian ,my problem is with mikrotik .
i arelady asked my need on mikrotik website but waiting my Question to be approved first then will be posted .
the mikrotik it self is confusing that’s why i do not know where to start and how to work with ethernet ports etc…

This is new since I last looked


thanks man i followed the steps in the link u gave but still not solving the problem .

anyway i really appreciate and respect your effort with me. you are helpful .