Expose port on node to Zerotier network


I have a Ubuntu machine that is connected to a company Zerotier network. On this node, I am running a listener program on a port, let’s say port A, that can accept RTSP connections to output RTSP streaming data over UDP.

I now want other nodes within the same Zerotier network to connect to the listening program on the machine. So let’s say the node’s physical IP address is, the node’s zerotier IP address is and the listening program is running on port A, the stream cannot be reached through the public internet at, but instead I want it to be reachable at

Do I need to setup anything in specific to make this possible (iptables or port forwarding), or will zerotier automatically pick this up without having to configure anything?

Thanks in advance.

That’s basically what it’s for. If I’m reading right, that should just work.
You may have to configure your server to listen on the zerotier ip address specifically.

I can confirm this worked, thanks a lot!

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