Exposing a different machine on network

Hello. I have 2 machines. One running debian 10, and another running OpenSUSE 42.1
Now I was unable to install zerotier on the OpenSUSE machine. But my machine with debian 10 has ZT installed and works perfectly fine. I was asking if there was a way I can open my OpenSUSE machine using my Debian machine. local IP of debian is and ip of Open SUSE is Still really new to ZT, so sorry for such a weird question.

If they are on the same network and you have full access to the Debian machine, then you could probably use SSH to log in to the OpenSUSE machine from the Debian machine. Or use something like VNC if you need a GUI as well.

Wait how can I ssh into it? also I need all of it ports to be exposed, not just ssh. Like suppose I have a network, in which debian machine is 10.172.x.x (example IP). Now what can I do to get FULL access to OpenSuse machine?

Are both machines on the same physical network (LAN)? In that case you just need to enable SSH on both machines and then SSH into the OpenSUSE machine. Then you get full terminal access on the OpenSUSE machine, if you need full GUI access as well, then I suggest using VNC.

From where are you trying to access the OpenSUSE machine, from the same network or from another network?

Those 2 machines are in my home network. I need to get full access to all services running on any ports on my OpenSUSE machine outside of my home network.

Okay, if you can’t install ZeroTier on the OpenSUSE machine I have 2 suggestions for you that you can try.

  1. If you don’t need to have everything accessible “on” your PC from outside of the network you could use a remote session and basically only use your remote PC as a monitor, think TeamViewer or screen sharing, everything runs and is accessible from a device on your home network that you just connect to to gain be able to view it. This will not work if you need to move files for example.

  2. You can configure the Debian device to act as a router or a bridge, then all the traffic will be routed vid the Debian device onto the ZeroTier network. See the links below for different ways to configure this.




Ok thank you. I wIll look into this.

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