Exposing zerotier network to external internet


I have setup home-lab i.e
macbook (192.168.x.2) (ZT 172.30.x.2)
PC (192.168.x.3) (ZT 172.30.x.3)
3 raspberry pi (192.168.x.4,192.168.x.5,192.168.x.6) (ZT 172.30.x.4,172.30.x.5,172.30.x.6)
2 jetson nano (192.168.x.7,192.168.x.8) (ZT 172.30.x.7,172.30.x.8)

I want to host HA kubernetes cluster(k3s) via Kube-Vip (on virtual ip 192.168.x.250).

I want my domain name (eg: home-lab.com) to be accessible via virtual ip 192.168.x.250 from external internet without logging to zerotier network

is this possible ??

Thanks & Regards,

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