Extend the LAN and get the LAN IPs to clients

I am very new to ZT. I have a use case where I want to extend the LAN. I want the clients also to get the IP addresses in the LAN address space. How can I achieve this?

Thank you in anticipation.

Yes that’s possible. You take a part of your LAN’s address space and use that in the configuration of your ZeroTier network. This would require setting up a device as a bridge to your physical lan, or at least a machine configured to route between your physical LAN and the ZeroTier managed part of the network.

With this setup, can external ZeroTier clients connect to the non-zerotier internal IP addresses?

Yes they can. That’s the purpose of the machine configured as a bridge or router.

Thank you. Bridge IP Address in the guide is a bit not clear. Can you please clarify.

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