Extreme Slowdown inspite of direct connection

Here is the config of my host running on a Raspberry Pi 3B (that I’m using as the host for a Managed Route):

"address": "56ea160b5c",
"clock": 1672860932109,
"config": {
"settings": {
"allowTcpFallbackRelay": true,
"listeningOn": [
"portMappingEnabled": true,
"primaryPort": 9993,
"secondaryPort": 20221,
"softwareUpdate": "apply",
"softwareUpdateChannel": "release",
"surfaceAddresses": [
"tertiaryPort": 0
"online": true,
"planetWorldId": 149604618,
"planetWorldTimestamp": 1644592324813,
"publicIdentity": "56ea160b5c:0:1c1a593f50eb8f817929db13e10cb6e94edbc90b136f91784846e56156fc712c058e7561e41f470ad747dda0ab71b84f24891b6ad55bfca1efb01890330fc8a4",
"tcpFallbackActive": false,
"version": "1.10.2",
"versionBuild": 0,
"versionMajor": 1,
"versionMinor": 10,
"versionRev": 2

Here are the Managed Routes: via (LAN)

The output of the peers command (on the host) is:

200 peers
<ztaddr> <ver> <role> <lat> <link> <lastTX> <lastRX> <path>
0cccb752f7 1.10.2 LEAF 255 DIRECT 7674 7418
62f865ae71 - PLANET 159 DIRECT 7675 2512
778cde7190 - PLANET 220 DIRECT 7675 2447
cafe04eba9 - PLANET 124 DIRECT 7675 2546
cafe9efeb9 - PLANET 229 DIRECT 7676 2443
e5da713cd2 1.8.9 LEAF 214 DIRECT 2671 1347

I tried connecting to this host from two different networks, but both gave me piss poor performance (<10 mbps). Both leaves have >100mbps networks, however the host may be behind a CGNAT.

While I can accept a slowdown because of a CGNAT, a traceroute shows that packets are being routed directly without any relay server at all. I am not getting any packet loss, so why is there such a drastic slowdown in speed?

Here is the tracert, the config and a ping test from a client:

I’m completely okay with a high ping since I’m primarily using it for file downloads, but I can’t wrap my head around such a large speed delta. Where is the rest of the bandwidth going? I thought it could be a lack of resources on the RasPi, but I checked the CPU and Memory usage, and everything is under 10-20%.

Can someone help me figure this out?

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