Failover not working on zerotier

Hello, I have a question regarding fail over on Zerotier

Right now me an my team are building a rover. We have a raspberry pi running Ubuntu mounted on this rover and the pi is responsible for dispatching and receiving messages from a Pixhawk cube(an Ardupilot device). We have two modes of communication with the pi there’s a connection through a doodle radio (spans about 5km) and an LTE module. For normal operation we want the rover to use the doodle radio but in emergency conditions where it leaves the range of the radio we would like it to switch to the LTE module. When the doodle radio reestablishes connection we want the pi to switch back to doodle. We already have this switching behavior incorporated via native Linux network priority configurations. But we also want this communication to be facilitates in a VPN for security reasons. We were originally using Zerotier to do this but we found that failover switching on Zerotier was very inconsistent, and we wanted to find an alternative VPN software. So we found Wireguard. we have the network established and we’re able to communicate to the rover from our host computer but we’re having problems with the failover. So the question with regard to Wireguard is… How would we handle failover between an ethernet device and a USB LTE device?

Best, Shane

Cant help in regards to Wireguard, but for ZeroTier, you probably want to look at the Multipath documentation. There are several examples that you could implement on the RPi device that I think will do what you need.

thank you for responding, I’ve already looked over the multipath documentation quite extensively. I tried a myriad of these configurations, I tried the standard ones, using the configurations listed, even trying to come up with my own ones. None of them worked.

I should note that the fail over works very well when going from LTE to the doodle radio, but when going from doodle radio dropout to LTE it takes like upwards of 8 minutes for it to reconnect. I’ trying to get this to be much lower.

Also just today did my team not that sometimes, when booting up for the first time in the day the problem it completely fixed? like switching between doodle to LTE and LTE to doodle happen practically immediately. But when we reboot the system this behavior completely stops and goes back to the problem we have before. (when this happens the local config file is left completely unchanged, the only thing that happens is the reboot).

Would appreciate more suggestions.

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