Fastest way to access work files at home?

Relative network novice here, looking for the easiest way to access our work files at home. They’re hosted on my work desktop, on OneDrive. The OneDrive folders are shared over a local network to the other PCs in our office.

I can obviously use OneDrive to access work files but would prefer having direct access. We got Zerotier to solve some Parsec problems - I thought it might be able to help here too?

Zerotier is installed on the both my work and home PC, and the connection is live. Can I use this to access my work PC files through file explorer \PCname ? If so, how?


Hi @ldmartin
Sure you can access your files remotely.
If the PC with the shared folders already has Zerotier installed, you just need to install Zerotier on your remote computer and access your PC using its IP address. Like “\192.168.x.x\SharedFolder”
Using the PC name wouldn’t work unless you do some more work.
An easy and dirty way could be adding the PC Name to your “hosts” file on the remote PC.

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