Fault of Zerotier using mobile hotspot connection

Hello everyone, I have installed a zerotier and camera on Raspberry Pi to view videos.
When my
When using WIFI at home, I can access Raspberry Pi normally through Zerotier.
When I have no internet in the outdoor, I connect to the computer through the mobile hotspot, and the computer can normally access the Internet, but at this time I can’t access the raspberry pie through zeroier. May I ask how Zerotier works properly when using mobile hotspot?

Many Android cellphones automatically disconnect VPN sessions like ZeroTier when the hotspot feature is enabled. (eg: My Google and Xiaomi phones do this.)

You need a way to force both networking features on at the same time. You might be able to do it with a developer mode option or an adb command. If not, then you might need to root the phone to get the desired behavior.


HI,I met the same problem.
when i use the mobile hotspot to connect the computer,my moblie should be installed zerotier?(i knew computer shoule be install zerotier)

hope your reply ,thanks

Yes, install ZeroTier on the computer that is using the hotspot.

Directly installing ZeroTier on a computer is almost always a better solution than trying to indirectly route traffic for that computer into a ZeroTier network.

i got it! thanks
when computer uses the mobile hotspot. should add routes

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