Feasible zerotier setup?

Before I try to implement this, is this a possible setup?

I have two networks and one zerotier network.

  - local dns resolver, resolves *.home and forwards the rest (zerotier:
  - machine1.home (zerotier:
  - printer.home (no zerotier)

  - machine2.home (


The following should be possible:

  1. on machine2.home (
    ping printer.home (

  2. on machine1.home (
    ping machine2.home (

  3. on mobile (iOS/Android)
    with an active connection the dns resolver ( will be used (for all IPs).
    ping machine1.home (
    ping machine2.home (

This seem to require a little more routing than just using the zerotier network itself.

Is this feasible at all?
Or would you suggest to implement this a different way?

Anyone with some input?
Would be greatly appreciated.

Setup in your Zerotier network a route: via
In network1 you have to setup a static route: via

That’s it.

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