[Feature Request] CLI -> QR code -> Android App

I have many android devices, and right now adding new networks can be a bit of a pain. I have to get the network ID on the web, copy paste it to myself via email, then paste it into the app.

I would love to see a CLI -> Android App bridge using QR codes.

There’s an existing library at https://github.com/mdp/qrterminal, which could expose a QR code encoding the network name/ID/etc. This could be scanned in the zerotier android app for easy import.

Zerotier already has a fantastic onboarding experience. By reducing even more friction, the app should get adopted more widely.

Thanks for suggesting this. If we did go down this road, something like https://github.com/nisrulz/qreader on the app-side might work better; I’d have to ask the rest of the team about backend ideas, or if this is even considered safe (I could imagine a bad actor taking advantage of this, but then again so could keylogging).

I don’t often use the ZT android apps, although I can see that this would be useful.

@zt-grant in theory, it’s as safe as someone trying a network ID and getting lucky. Providing that the network is private, it should be fine as it will still need authorising.

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Good point. A sloppy admin would okay it, but there is that extra step.