Feedback needed on network design

Hi there, I’m interested in anyone’s feedback as to whether this could be achieved with ZeroTier, or if not maybe point me in the right direction of something that might.

We have a home in Arizona in which our local ISP just started offering business Fiber internet to the house. I would like to host a number of web applications from here, and they are providing 16 static IP addresses for this.

There is a 2nd ISP in the area that offers cable Internet here (residential) without static IP addressing, and we’d like to use it as a failover solution in case the main goes out. I can find a router that would support both SFP and Cat5 connections I suspect, but I’m left with the issue of IP routing.

We also have a 2nd property in Mexico, that has 1gb/s fiber but no static IP addressing. I would like to somehow roll this into one big “virtual” WAN, that doesn’t care about the transport or physical location of the nodes on the network.

Is this something that Zerotier is well suited for? Basically I need a proxy IP address here, that will work out the best routing method to get to the physical location/network etc. to resolve the request to the endpoint, without relying on the ISP carrier to find the endpoint.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.



Creating one big virtual WAN is precisely what ZeroTier does. Simply install it on your devices in both locations, and join them to the same ZeroTier network. They’ll all be able to talk to each other as if they’re on the same ethernet switch.

Hi @k0d3g3ar!

Here are some links to guides some of our users authored about their experience setting up ZT for site-to-site / SD-WAN.

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