File transfers fail

Hello, I use Zerotier to connect several computers, servers and desktops, to a Windows 10 pc in which I store incremental backup copies of the information on these computers. The problem I have is that some of the transfers fail. The program I use to make the backup copies is GoodSync.

I have two sets of copies, one local and one remote. Local copies, which I also do with GoodSync, never fail. They are made on external drives or on other computers that are within the same network. Since they are local, I do not use ZeroTier to make these copies.

To do the remote copy set I use ZeroTier, and this is where I think the problem arises. Is there any change that you can recommend, either in the routers or in the machines, so that the transfers do not fail?

The Windows 10 computer where I store the backups has a 30MB fiber optic internet connection. The computers that I make backup copies of have different internet speeds, some of them faster than others. There are a total of 23 backups, of which 2 to 4 fail, approximately, it varies. Failing copies are not always the same.

When the copies fail, what I do is run them again manually and they are done correctly. Sometimes it makes me think that the problem is the internet speed of the computers, but I’m not sure. I found out that Zerotier uses port 9993, so I opened this port on the routers, thinking that maybe it would solve the problem, but it still continues. I do not know if this is something that is right or not, I would appreciate if someone tells me if it is necessary or not to do that on the routers.

The error that sometimes appears in GoodSync says “Error Copying File: Unexpected Network Error (Error 59)”, sometimes other errors appear but I do not have them noted to upload them here, but all are always related to some network error.

At this point, I don’t know what else to do, I’m thinking that maybe I should use another way to do the backups. I don’t want to have to run the backups manually every day.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am even considering paying for the monthly service to obtain ZeroTier technical support. If nothing works, I will have to pay for a Google Drive or Dropbox plan, but the truth is that it is not what I want, I think it is a better option to have your own cloud.

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