FileBrowser Go Woes

trying to use zero tier to connect iPhone to Mac with Filebrowser go
local connection works fine but remote connection always gets socket timed out
FB Go support has reviewed photos of my config and stated that the config is correct
and suggested I turn to zero tier. they feel ZT is not routing packets to the Mac

? help?


We’ve heard of their software before, pretty nifty. I think they have a ZeroTier guide on their website. I assume you’ve already consulted that?

  • Things that immediately jump to mind are your mobile ISP’s CGNAT. This can prevent direct connections in some cases. What carrier do you use?

  • I’m not sure what Stratospherix uses under the hood for their file sharing protocol but if it’s something like SMB it may need tuning to deal with the increased latency, but I’d imagine they already thought of that.

I use a carrier called Partner communications in Israel
But even if I am on wifi say at work I still cannot connect “remotely” to the IP used by zero tier
(after consulting with their zero tier guide)
nor can I connect “remotely” to the Mac’s IP even if I am sitting with the phone right next to the Mac
yes they use SMB see photo
what might I be doing incorrectly?
NB - it used to work and I don’t recall anything changing…

I’d recommend upgrading to the latest version of ZT, especially if you’re using the old 1.6.X series. There have been a number of important bug and performance fixes since the 1.6.X series. Let me know if upgrading doesn’t help.

Well it seems the 1.8 did the trick. Didn’t realize there was an update. 1.6 was a PITA. Thanks!!

Oops. It worked for all of two days. Back to socket timed out error when trying to connect remotely

Looks like a few of your nodes are running old versions still. I would upgrade everything to the latest version.

checked and all running 1.8
after 24 hours of socket timeout error seems to work again
lets see what happens

Sorry but 1.8 isn’t enough. We’re recommend that you upgrade to 1.8.9 or 1.8.10 that’s very different than 1.8.1 which is what I’m currently seeing on your network. If it’s stable now I guess there’s no need. But before we try to debug anything we’d suggest upgrading those nodes.

the Mac has 1.8.10 just checked now
the iPhone has 1.8.1 but does not show available upgrade
see photos
at any rate for now seems to be OK

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