Finnland <-> Japan, improve connection speed and reliability

I use ZeroTier to have a secure environment for my devices where they can communicate.
I have a Hetzner server in Finnland and I am based in Japan.

Both the server and my home connection have a 1Gbps connection up and down.
However the maximum speed between my home computer and my server is around 10mb/s.
Additionally the connection drops from time to time which is a huge issue when I’m logged into the server and suddenly the connection drops in the middle of something.

Direct connection to the server without ZeroTier is worse however.
ZeroTier already improved the situation a bit. The ping is 20ms faster and I have less connection drops but they still exist.

Can I do something to improve the situation?
Speed is not so much the issue but the connection drops are and improving the ping would also be a nice bonus.

I have seen there are programs for games like exitlag and wtfast that route the signal more efficiently so I was wondering what the options are.

One or both of the last-mile ISPs may be throttling your connection speed.

Research ways to evade Deep Packet Inspection and Traffic Shaping.

eg: Do things like report better bandwidth than what you’re actually getting for personal traffic? – ISPs often whitelist these places, so rent a VPS in the same data center and use it to relay your personal traffic.

Thank you for your reply.
I checked a bunch of European countries with speedtest and they all share the same traits.

From what I understand to prevent Deep Packet Inspection and Traffic Shaping, a VPN would be needed but at the same time, a VPN would prevent ZeroTier from working, no?

I also noticed that connections from Japan to Singapore seem to be stable and connections from Finnland to Singapore seem also to be stable.

Could I rent a VPS in Singapore and route all traffic through this VPS using ZeroTier?

ZeroTier is a VPN for this purpose. The affected application is probably running faster through ZeroTier than directly because whatever is throttling the connection can’t see the application protocol.

Yes, but I don’t know how to force a RELAY connection between nodes.

Perhaps you can find a solution in the ZeroTier Rules Engine documentation.

Past that, you could use local firewall rules to block direct connections between the two affected nodes, and check whether the third node in Singapore automatically relays in the desired way.

See also the forceTcpRelay option in the ZeroTier Relay documentation.