Fix for bug ongoing years

At every Macos reboot, ZT never starts up managing addresses properly - the user must always ‘Disconnect’ (twice!), and then ‘Reconnect’ to enable functioning, which is a huge (daily) ongoing pain. Why can’t ZT just start up fully functioning in the configuration as its most recent shutdown? And avoiding requiring a human to start it up every single day.

Can you go into more detail on your issue, and how to reproduce it? I think about 90% of us here at ZeroTier are daily mac users and we’ve never seen this before.

Each and every morning (after the Mac has done it’s routine reboot) ZT just is never functional managing addresses. I always have to choose Disconnect (always twice, back-to-back), then Reconnect. Then everything works fine until the next os reboot (this Mac is running Mojave, 10.14.6). It has never rebooted fully functional - always requiring this Disconnect dance. (When I researched this I saw another posting from 2020 indicating he had the same issue.)

I installed ZT on a second Mac running same MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 on same network segment and this is worse: it ran normally the first day, but next day at 9:30am it ceased. No matter what I do (disconnecting, quitting, etc) it gets stuck at Requesting_Configuration:

Zerotier stuck requesting configuration

Sounds like your router/firewall on this network segment may be hostile to ZeroTier and preventing it from making peer to peer connections. ZeroTier needs to be able to send and receive UDP directly to operate effectively. If you open a terminal window and execute sudo zerotier-cli peers, I’m guessing the line with ID ebe7fbd445 (the network controller ID) will state RELAY indicating it can’t directly connect to the controller.

But the other Mac identical to this one on this same segment always operates (mostly) correctly, after I do the daily Disconnect (x2)/Reconnect dance.

Screen Shot 2024-04-22 at 12.32.45 PM

Some progress to report… not sure why but now at least both Macs behave identically in that each requires the Disconnect (x2)/Reconnect dance each morning to then begin (mostly) working all day - with one caveat: they each computer randomly drops connection every 30 seconds to several minutes, but then automatically reconnects in 5-10 seconds.

Confirm ZT on two Macs running Mojave 10.14.3 both always require Disconnect/Disconnect/Reconnect every day before allowing operation. More importantly both Macs constantly drop connection every 30-120 seconds, followed by 10-15 seconds for automatic reconnect.
Sidenote: here ZT is the conduit for RTSP security video feeds which makes this system almost useless. Hugely disappointing. ANY suggestions welcome.

Take it to a different network and re-test.