Force Default Route & DNS options in desktop clients

Hi Guys,

It would be create if that from the portal you could force remote clients to use the default route and dns options rather than relying on them ticking the boxes. Our use case would be that we have a pair of centralised FortiGate firewalls with content filtering and we would prefer all traffic to flow through them. Currently users can untick the default route to bypass the filtering we have in place.

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Can’t be sure of your setup, but if users don’t have admin access on their machines, they won’t be able to change any ZeroTier settings. Don’t launch the UI on the user accounts and it won’t ask for admin privileges to copy the auth token to access the background service.

Beyond that, what you’re asking isn’t possible. It’s up to the admin of the machine to decide whether or not to allow default route & DNS settings. This is done purposely so that simply joining a network cannot completely hijack your network traffic & do unexpected things with it.

Thanks Grant, that makes sense. Ill have a play with that.

Many Thanks.

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