Full Tunnel Mode / Internet access on two windows machines

Hi there,

I looked through many topics here on the forum and the Full Tunnel guide in KB.

I just got confused if it is actually possible and if it is, how am I supposed to set it up?
I don’t understand where I am supposed to do Step 1 since it asks for “iptablets” (and from what I understand that is Linux config).

I wanted to route internet traffic from one Windows PC over ZeroTier to another Windows PC. As you can tell from this post, I don’t have a lot of background in this and it is hard for me to work with it. I am able to set up a basic VPN for Minecraft or something similar but have trouble doing anything advanced. So any guidance would be very helpful.

Found a guide on GitHub that is easy and clean to use. Why it still isn’t implemented into KB, I have no idea.

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