Full Tunneling gateways

Hello. My goal is to connect to the internet through a machine on my home LAN that is itself connected to the internet through a privacy VPN.

I want to be able to surf through it from remote PCs and mobile devices.

According to the docs one of my devices has to be a gateway.

At home there are two always-on Windows machines connected to the internet via Mullvad app VPN tunnels, allowing me to browse blocked websites and so on. Both have the ZT app installed. The LAN is behind a OpenWrt router with a reserved public IP. It doesnt have ZT installed.

Im using the managed web controller. It shows both PCs, with their Mullvad tunnel v4 addresses. Also a laptop thats connected to a mobile hotspot. All correct.


What should i be doing next? Installing ZT on a Linux VM? How else to override the default route?

The documentation only provides Full Tunnel instructions for Linux.

Also, what is the function of the DNS settings of the network? I dont understand if they are necessary or not.

TYIA from this noob

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