Game complains port is already used

I tried to run Minetest on the 9993, however the game complains it couldn’t use the 9993 port:

AsyncErr: Failed to bind socket (port already in use?)

There is no second nor tertiary port. sudo zerotier-cli info -j reports they are “0”

How am I going to use the port 9993 if it is already in use? I guess it isn’t zerotier that is using it, but if something else is, how do I use another port?

(Lefting the port part of Minetest portless gives the same error)

Never heard of “Minetest” before today, but ZeroTier does use port 9993. Anything other program attempting to use that port will fail as a result. Per their docs, the server uses port 30000 by default. It’s probably safe to just stick with that. Programs don’t need to use port 9993 to communicate over ZeroTier

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