Getting access to network drives

Hello! At work we use a windows server and have a few network drives connected to it. The end goal is for the employees to be able to login to the windows server directory outside of the network. The server also have a few mappable network drives on it that the employees would need to access. Would we just install ZT on the server and the laptops so everyone could do what we want? We are trying to get away from doing Remote Desktop.

You can do exactly that. Install zerotier on the server and on each laptop and join them all to the same zerotier network.

By the way, they’ll have to connect to the share with its zerotier ip address, not the dns name that works in inside the office unless you also set up DNS on zerotier, which is a good second step.

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Thank you so much! I’m trying to “convince” my boss that Zerotier is safe and is going to work for our business. Is there anything you know of i can show him?

Hi Justin! This is Joy, Head of Marketing here at ZeroTier.

You can show your boss our pricing page (Pricing – ZeroTier), which highlights some of the global companies that use ZeroTier (hint: we work with nearly everyone – from startups to the enterprise) and answers some questions you might have.

Here’s some low level stuff to go with the logos

(link to a PDF)

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