Github Actions + Zerotier

I have a VPC that I connect/ssh through zerotier. Port 22 is not open to public. I am wondering if there is a way to setup Zerotier connection for Github actions. Something similar is supported by Tailscale. I am wondering if I can do this with Zerotier as well. Basically, I want to ssh into this machine using Github Action, which then triggers a script that deploys the latest build of the applications from Github. This is done every time I push a commit to my repo.

Good question. I had a gh action that pinged something over zerotier. That was as far as I tried. I can’t find it right now. Will try to look for. I think it just used the curl | bash install script.

edit: ballpit/blank.yml at main · laduke/ballpit · GitHub
for an example

Thanks for your response Travis.
Question: It’s unclear to me how would I authenticate this newly installed client and add it the network on push.

Haven’t go that far. Curious what would work for your. Nodes can be authorized by the API. Or you could somehow pre-authorized node ids. And make the github action use those ids. Just some ideas.

If nodes could be authorized with an API call + token, that would be perfect.

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