GL.iNet ZeroTier

I have 2 GL. iNet AXT1800 they have ZeroTier software in it so I’m trying to set up one as a VPN Server and the other one as a client so I can access my home IP address when traveling.

I already enabled ZeroTier and allowed remote access to WAN but I guess I’m kind of stuck on how do I actually connect to it using the travel router.

@Boilerplate4U I’ve seen you have help some people with similar situations. Can you help me with this?

You might have already figured it out, but you have a couple ways.

  1. Create a default route inside of the ZeroTier Manage Routes. You’d have as the destination, and the ZT IP of your GL.iNet Box that’s your VPN Server under the “via” section. You would then need to run this command on your client box: “zerotier-cli set allowDefault= 1`”
  2. Add the default inside of the GL.iNet box itself to the IP of the GL.iNet box that is your VPN Server. With this you won’t have to run the “zerotier-cli” command. Because the next-hop for the route is your ZT network, the route shouldn’t be present when you disable ZT. You can do 2 routes if you don’t want to mess with static route metrics:,
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I’ll try this right now. Do you think I can message you privately or something. I’d really appreciate it, I need to get this done ASAP.

Yeah, feel free. We can talk on Discord as well if you have that.

Thank you again, I really appreciate it.

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