Grafana Dashboard

Hello ZT-Community.

I am looking for the Grafana dashboard shown in this blog post:

Can anybody help me?


There won’t be a singular download for the solution. Here’s some summarized steps on what you’ll need to do.

Thank you for you reply.

I am specifically looking for the dashboard which you can see in the screenshot in the linked blogpost.
It’s not in the official dashboard library or on Github. Would be great if anybody can share the Json model.
Everything else is up and running.

Gotcha, you’re looking for their ACTUAL dashboard. Hopefully they’re willing to export that and drop it in Github.

I can’t tell for sure because I tore my lab down, but it appears these are the metrics in use if you’d like to recreate it:
zt_network_packets - Top Left
zt_packet_error - Bottom Left
controller_network_config_request - Bottom Right

The top right is likely one of these 2, but I’m not sure:

It could be zt_peer_latency_bucket and they filter on a specific bucket.

Just dropping in to say that I’d also be interested in that dashboard.

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