Hacked or a bug? IP appears to be a VULTR VPS

I’ve been trying to debug a couple of “missing” end points and have noticed that both are currently showing as though they’re connected from a Vultr VPS

Is this a bug (part of the coma connection problem?) or has ZT been hacked in some way and the endpoints are being intercepted / cloned?

That’s one of our TCP proxy servers. It’s only used as a last resort in extreme cases where direct UDP peer to peer connectivity cannot be established at all. This usually means you have a local or network level firewall blocking peer to peer connectivity, or are behind a symmetric NAT that’s hostile to peer to peer communication. While the TCP proxies are there to help facilitate communication in cases where nothing else works, it’s recommended for the best performance that you fix the underlying network issues that are blocking direct communication. See the following knowledge base article for places to start looking to resolve your issue: https://zerotier.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/6815768/Router+Configuration+Tips

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