Had to auth a client in Central multiple times

This morning I had one client that had to be authorized multiple times. I would auth it, it would connect, then a few seconds later it would be offline, and I would have to click auth again. Now that client is connected and working, but doesn’t show up in Central at all.

I thought some time might resolve this, but 24hours later I have a connected client that is working and exchanging traffic with others, that is not listed in the Central control panel. How would I boot this client from the network if they are not listed?

What is the ID of the client? I’d need that to look into your issue.

Okay, that’s weird. Right after my last post, that client got disconnected.
So I tried using the client ID in the search box, and it found it. I re-authed it, and it started working again.

ID is c4cf429408

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