Has anybody set up zerotier DNS push? Have you gotten it to work?

I might be missing something simple, but I’m having a problem configuring ZeroTier DNS push. My Mac on my network still does not resolve the domain I’m using, even after following these steps:

  1. I went to my.zerotier.com, selected my network, scrolled down to the DNS section, and entered the search domain and the IP address of my DNS server. In this case, the DNS server is one of the IP addresses on my ZeroTier network.

  2. I created an entry for one of the nodes on my ZeroTier network on my DNS server (e.g., mac.zerotier.network). I used nslookup on my Mac, set the server to my DNS server’s IP address on my ZeroTier network, and did a quick lookup to ensure it would resolve. The lookup was successful.

  3. On my Mac, I clicked the ZeroTier icon in the menu bar, chose my network from the dropdown, and selected “Allow DNS configuration.”

At this point, I expected that if I opened a terminal window and ran nslookup mac.zerotier.network, it would return the IP address I entered in my DNS server. However, it does not, because the resolver address is still set to what DHCP provided for the physical wireless adapter. This DNS server, of course, does not know about the domain on my ZeroTier-attached DNS server.

I thought that enabling push and “Allow DNS configuration” would cause a client (my mac in this case" to querry the DNS server on my zerotier network for that domain. Am I misunderstanding this?


It’s unfortunately a peculiarity of macOS. Command line tools like dig and nslookup don’t go through the OS’s subsystem for resolving which nameserver to use. The rest of the OS should be able to find the DNS entry just fine

I tried SSH to the FQDN on my zerotier connected DNS server and it could not resolve the host, and that was outside of using nslookup.

Teleworking from home today, which makes testing a little more difficult due to my home setup, but I’ll do some testing with a non-mac system when I’m away next week.

thanks for the reply!

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