Help for joining and hosting session on mac(for use in blender)

Hey, I wanna host my server on the internet.
I am a blender user and wanna use multi-user addon and connect with my friends to work on projects.
But, I didn’t get a tutorial for the setup and the tutorial for windows one is also not working for me.
I am not able to join the session even if my zero tier app says online and status is OK.
Please someone help me.

Can you link to the Windows tutorial?

you want a link for tutorial on windows?

you can see this, the best one Blender realtime collaborative environment (Multi-User addon) - YouTube
and also this one if you struck Blender Mixer Released! - Multi-User Addon -Walkthrough & Lessons! 😍 - YouTube

the best thing is join the multi user discord server and ask your problem there
the discord server link is

Thanks! I just wanted to look through how they do it. It looks OK.

It’s hard to guess where the problem is happening. You should make sure zerotier is working independently of the blender thing. Like just a “ping”

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