Help make ZeroTier connected devices work as in my openwrt local network


I need help configuring my network in order to make the devices connected to my ZeroTier VPN work as if they were on my local network.

Here’s my current setup:

  • I have an OpenWRT router that manages a local network
  • This OpenWRT router receives Internet access from another router provided by my ISP, which manages the network.
  • I have successfully connected my OpenWRT router to my ZeroTier network.

My goal is for the devices connected to my ZeroTier VPN network to:

communicate with the devices on my local network. and use the Internet connection from my ISP-provided router, by routing the Internet traffic through that router.

In other words, I would like the ZeroTier VPN devices to behave as if they were physically connected to my OpenWRT local network.
i have aleready try
I’ve already followed the tutorial, and I’ve managed to access my local network, but I haven’t been able to route the traffic through the ISP router despite using allowDefault=1. I would like to start from a fresh installation and have a simpler configuration to achieve this goal, for now I’ve only created the VPN interface.

config interface 'vpn'
        option proto 'none'
        option device 'ztXXXXXXXXXX'

Could you please help me configure my OpenWRT router and my ZeroTier network correctly to achieve this result?

You have a compound problem.

First, most cellphones cannot be bridged into a LAN through a VPN connection. You can only get local behavior (like unrestricted broadcast traffic) if the cellphone is connected directly to the LAN by Wifi.

Second, the OpenWRT documentation that you used creates a NAT, which is neither bridged nor routed in the way that you probably want.

Installing the ZeroTier client on the cellphone and all other devices is the easiest and fastest solution here.

The next best solution is learning how to route between eth* and zt* interfaces in OpenWRT LuCI. You are unlikely to get a good result by by using uci or iptables directly.