Help needed in a networking scenario


Please give me tips on how to achieve the following scenario.

I live in country A.
My friend lives in country B.
There is a website X that is only accessible in country B.

I made a connection between me and him.

How do I configure my Ubuntu computer, and his Windows computer… So my computer can access the website X using zerotier… And continue to use my normal internet for the rest of the websites…

Any tips and directions are appreciated.

You’ll need to get the IP (or list of IPs) for that remote website (you can use a tool like nslookup to get the IPs), and add them as managed routes pointed to your friend’s node in ZeroTier central. On your end, you’ll need to set allowGlobal to 1 (zerotier-cli set <networkID> allowGlobal=1). This allows you to serve routes within a public space to your nodes.

On your friends computer, you’ll need to enable forwarding in windows and have them NAT your traffic out of their internet.

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