[help]why can the two nodes NOT ping in a LAN by using zerotier?

I have a trouble with two zerotier-one nodes in a virtual VPN. I created a private zerotier VPN and anded several nodes. These nodes are android client(A), centos client(C), and ubuntu client(U). A and U are in the same LAN. The three nodes joined the same zerotier network-id and all are online status.

Ping is OK between A and C, but ping is NOT ok between A and U , between C and U by using virtual IPv4.

but in U, I can use command “zerotier-cli peers” and list a leaf is A. It shows the peers’ path, and one is the neighborhood A which IP route is LAN router) in the same LAN.

It’s strange that ping is unreachable host (U->A, U->C) and it’s timeout (A->U, C->U).
The ubuntu OS is very old (14.0.4 trusty), and the CPU is A7(Allwinner made).

Can someone help me? Thanks!

My first guess is check the firewall on U.

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