Help with ZeroTier Docker on DSM7

Hello, I have a DS1621 + that I badly upgraded to DSM7 by mistake, running out of Zerotier
I have followed the guide to running Zerotier under Docker from Synology NAS | ZeroTier Documentation
When I join my Network ID, the device does not appear as a member to be authorized. And the result of the zerotier-cli commands are those of the photo that I attach

I have tried to manually enter the NodeID and manually assign an IP to it, but it marks Unknown in Last Seen and Physical IP and Version is 0.0.0

Synology QuickConnect is OFF
Fix TUN / TAP was checked from the link Fix TUN/TAP not available on a Synology NAS :: Memory Leak — Rui Marinho and it is OK

I hope you can help me. Thank you very much in advance

Today, without touching anything … it just appeared as ONLINE in my list of devices, it shows the installed version … but … the IP that comes out does not correspond to my WAN IP
All my devices correctly show the Physical IP except that
That could be happening? Because I no longer understand anything

Today in the morning it was no longer working. In the panel the device shows the time it has been OFFLINE 4h31m and in Physical IP it continues to show the IP that does not correspond to my WAN IP.
We will continue to report badly of course …

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