Hide nodes from peers list


I’m looking into working with the rules engine, and I have created an isolated network where traffic is only allowed to and from my admin nodes. While I can’t ping or access the other non-admin nodes from a non-admin node, I can still see them in the peers list I get from zerotier-cli peers. Is there any way to hide them from this list if a node does not have permission to see the other nodes?

Sometimes the non-admin nodes disappear from the list, but if I ping their IP-address, ZT-network-IP or regular IP doesn’t matter, they show up in the list again. I only get a reply when I ping the regular IP address, which means that my rules work properly. I am using the exact rules from THIS entry in the knowledge base

ZeroTier is not a privacy system and there is no way to hide peers in the peers list. The peers list is not a list of nodes on your network. It’s a list of other instances of ZeroTier that your instance knows about. Whether or not a peer is listed or not in the peers list has no relevance to the rules on your networks and whether or not they can communicate over a network. Rules blocking two peers on a network doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t show up in each other’s peers list.

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