High bandwidth over ZT cannot be explained

I am running a ZT network over a couple of nodes.
One of them (ZT 1.6.2 on macosx 10.15.7) shows a strange behaviour: on its ethernet card it generates a lot of traffic (ca 200Mb/s TX and RX), but I have no idea what causes this traffic, nor where this traffic goes to/from?
Measuring traffic on my router shows that it does not leave my Lan, nor are there any other devices on my lan hit by it.
Is there a way (other than wireshark) to analyze the traffic generated by ZT, or what causes this?

Going to go out on a limb here, but you wouldnt have Tailscale installed by any chance? I had an issue that if both tailscale and zerotier are on the same box, or multiple boxes inside the network, they start a fight… and all hell breaks loose… 200+mb/s constant… and in some cases, because they are shouting at boxes outside the network, 10-20mb/s of upload WAN bandwidth… i was trialing tailscale, and then killed it, and all traffic went down…

If you dont, the as you mention, wireshark will help, but Windows built in Resource Monitor should give you an idea of where the traffic is going…

Nope, no tailscale installed here.
And no Windows neither
Then maybe I have to resort to wireshark.

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