Higher loss rate on Widows compared with MacOS under the same setup

I’m experiencing a high loss rate (10-20%) and latency spikes when connecting my Windows device with another Linux device in two local networks. This issue breaks my SSH connection within 10 minutes. However, when I’m using a macOS device in the same network doing the same thing, there is almost no packet loss, and the latency is pretty stable.
Under my setup, these two devices cannot establish a direct connection, so I’m using a VPS as a MOON node. These three nodes are in the same city, so the latency is under 10ms, and there is almost no packet loss when connecting to the VPS directly from both devices.
I believe this is not because of some network or hardware issue. What can I do to improve the quality of my ZeroTier network connections on Windows?

I have switched to WireGuard and manual configuration. My connection is now stable.

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