Hook scripts? (up/down/IP-assign/etc)

Good day,

I’ve searched the documentation, but I can’t seem to find anything w.r.t. hook scripts, ie. script to get executed when the interface goes “up” (ie. connected to network and “alive”) and or when IPs gets assigned to the Interface.

I have the need to create /activate dyndns information and callhome events, thus if those aren’t part of Zerotier, anything else you are aware off that I could listen/hook into to get these events?

Hello, There aren’t really any hooks in the client. What are you trying to do? Maybe there’s a different way.

Whenever the link is established, and (new) IPs assigned, “call home” to do the dynamic DNS updates with the (new) IPs

PS: It is something that is in others like TINC & OpenVPN that assigns IPs/interfaces that helps to setup things like DynDNS/etc. when the links come up, not when you are booting etc.