How Assign one ip address to zerotier client with two local ip address

I have two local IP addresses and I would like to know how to bind one IP address to zerotier client on Linux.

ZeroTier creates a virtual network card, which means that you get a third network card and IP. If you try to explain further what you want to achieve it is easier to give a good and more precise answer.

Hello @Gara,

Thank you for your response. I hope this gives you a little more understanding of what I am asking. I have two IP address on a raspberry pi. I want zerotier to only bind to the localhost and one IP address and not both of them.
From the image of the highlighted IP address, I can see that zerotier binds to all the IP addresses on the server.


See interfacePrefixBlacklist or physical[$network] settings in local.conf

hello @zt-travis,

I have tried what you suggested to me. I made local.conf file. When try to start or restart zerotier the service never starts.

I used the example script that was provided and modified it but still done not work.

Here is copy of the script

I have just added setting and interfacePrefixBlacklist and the service does not start also.

Can you give me help on why this might not be working.

I am running this RPi 4 with Raspian OS


looks like you’ve got a stray comma in there making the JSON invalid. Try using something like, or jq to validate the format of the conf file