How can I get the libzt.aar library or some zero tier implementation guide with android studio?

sorry I’m new, I have used zero tier for communication with development boards, but now I want to create an app that communicates with my ID and can access them using Zero Tier, sorry if this place is not for these questions, but I would really appreciate who gives me some information, no matter how little it is.

Any info on libzt is at the repo

What OS, language, device,… are you developing your app for?

the development board has ubuntu 20.04 and I have already communicated the board with an android application that I made but using the zero tier one android application and connecting to my ID and then I open my android application where it is responsible for connecting via ssh to my board .
I do not know if there is any way to get libraries to print that connection in my android app, I do not think to market it is a university project.

zt-travis. thanks for answering

Yes I have seen the git repository, but when I run the project that has as an example android studio asks me for a file called libzt.aar, in my libraries folder.

seriously nobody has any idea?

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