How can I make this work?

I’m behind a CGNAT, I want to be able to join my home network with my iPhone to be able to view videos from my Arlo security camera hub. Typically it would be as simple as forwarding a port but that won’t work if I’m behind a CGNAT. I can view the videos when I’m on my wi-fi but not through the internet if I’m not.
My home network router is an Eero Pro 6, on a 192.168.50.x network and I have Zerotier installed on a Win 11 Pro machine that stays on 24/7.
What settings would I have to change in my Zerotier network to make this happen?

Never mind, gave up on ZeroTier, tried Tailscale and accomplished what I wanted within 3 minutes.I’m sure ZeroTier will do what I want but the amount of Windows documentation is scant.

I think Windows usually has a firewall enabled by default which will prevent a direct connection from forming, usually disabling that will fix issues like these. I suspect the reason it’s working with TS might be because there’s some sort of relaying of your traffic happening.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll try to help. Good luck!

Scant Windows documentation on ZT, TS had all the Windows documentation needed and firewall settings were not involved.

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