How can I route local IP addresses to their ZeroTier allocated IPs?

I have a number of services running on my home server.

An example is

I can access this service locally with a phone app using the above IP address. When I remotely connect via ZeroTier the above IP address is no longer correct so I have to change it to the internal ZeroTier address to connect to the service.

Is there a way to have ZeroTier automatically translate (or route) the above address to the internal ZeroTier address so I dont have to change the IP in my phone app? This will save me the hassle of having to change the IP dependant on being remotely connected to ZeroTier or locally connected at home.

Hi @InAmberClad,

Any reason why you don’t want to use the Zerotier IP when you are at home? Otherwise that’s probably the easiest solution.

You should be able to do that and in exception cases (internet drops out, …) you can still change the IP…

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