How do I push a DNS server IP address on my own Network Controller?

I will already have a BIND DNS server doing network based resolutions. I just can’t see what API call or config file I would edit on my own network controller to push the DNS server. Does anyone know?

it looks like it hasn’t made it into the api docs. Will try to get that added.

If I remember correctly, post here: API Docs | ZeroTier Documentation

Try something like this:

"dns": {
    "domain": "some.domain",
    "servers": [""]

I use containerized controller and have changed this setting in web-interface. As DNS I set IP of selfhosted Technitium DNS Server.

So it works and is applied to all devices in my Zerotier network.

What “domain” should I set by default, If my DNS server is available only by IP?

So, the idea for zerotier dns feature is it uses a specific server and domain just for that zerotier network.

Typically you’d use something like or

Then your dns server would point for example to some zerotier ip address.

This works along side your normal/internet dns servers. That’s how I use it anyways. DNS is a big complicated topic.

See for a server made specifically for this.

So should we type any random symbols or leave this field empty, if we have no domain, but only IP of normal DNS server?

You need to pick a domain you want to use. You operating system is only going to use the zerotier dns server for hosts in that domain. You can use the suggested “”

Thanks for that, I’ve gotten it to work in terms of using curl and the controller, it now returns it in checks. However, testing with Windows 10 or Scientific Linux 7.9 and the zerotier-systemd-manager the interfaces do not get the zerotier DNS server. I’ve done:
zerotier-cli set networkID allowDNS=true
on my test computers also and reset the zerotieroneservice …

Something goes wrong in my config or I don`t understand basic things (I am newbie to Zerotier).

Usually I use Technitium DNS Server that is placed in rented VPS with static IP. It supports: custom blocklists in order to block advertising; custom forwarders - Cloudflare, OpenDNS etc. Also, this software, placed in LAN host (local Windows/Linux machine) supports redirections from optional names of devices in LAN network to their IP addresses. (device1.lan->; device2.lan-> etc)

So now I want to push Technitium DNS Server (public static IP of VPS), with blocking and forwarding functions, to ALL devices, connected to Zerotier network. In order to open internet sites with custom forwarders like OpenDNS, as well as to open devices by “name”, setted in Technitium DNS Server. Is it possible? I don’t really understand why do I need special zerosnd server for this and how to use it in my case.

Sorry for stupid questions. I am not really tech person.

Hi task,
Sorry for the confusion. The ZeroTier DNS feature just doesn’t do that. It pushes DNS config to your devices only for a specific domain. It’s a different use case.

This is so you you can use your adblocker DNS for the general internet and a specific, internal DNS server for your ZeroTier network(s) at the same time.

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