How do I troubleshoot ZT1 on my Ubuntu?

I am running ubuntu 20.04. I have setup ZT1 account and defined the network.

I have installed ZT1 client on the machine, and I am set it to join the network-id presented. After running the command:
sudo zerotier-cli join <network-id>

I see a 200 OK

However, I do not see my interface receiving an IP from the configured subnet. I want to troubleshoot the cause for this issue, where do I start? Which logs do I check?

Adding a few details of the commands I ran:

Looks like you’ve got a pretty strict firewall in place or are in in quite a hostile network environment from the “TUNNELED” status. You’ll need to allow ZeroTier to send & receive UDP packets over the network. Specifically how, I can’t say. See here for general tips on router & firewall configuration.

Additionally, you’ll need to authorize that machine on your network configuration page before an IP address will be issued.