How do you force peer to peer?

Hello zerotier Forum,
I am fairly new to zerotier and only have one network set up. I am using it to connect multiple PCs (mainly Windows machines located outside of my network) to a gaming server routed through a raspberry pi 4B running zerotier-cli on ubuntu 20.04 server. This usually works great to bypass the NAT (I cant do port forwarding and currently live in China). When a PC is connected via p2p to this server the ping is always below 10ms and the connection is stable. The problem I am facing is getting the clients to connect via p2p in the first place. This seems to involve some luck and it sometimes takes multiple hours before the ping drops form about 10 seconds to the 10ms. Once it does, the connection is very stable again. My question is whether there is a way to force this peer to peer connection (preferably through zerotier-cli on my raspberry pi 4B).
I would be very happy to get some suggestions.
Best regards,
David Böttger

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