How do you route IPv6 correctly?

Hello all,

I have setup my Zerotier network and everything is working fine in the IPv4 range.

I am assigning IPs in the range of and have entered a route via (IP of router). This works.

Now I would like to do the same for IPv6 adresses but I am ont sure which IPv6 of the router I need.

The information I can see in the router menu (where I cannot specify IPv6 DHCP range) is

AFTR address 6b5g:1300:c0:405:0:b:1:af72
IPv6 address 6b5g:130d:8000:20:a9ed:4b4a:2384:8840
IPv6 Prefix Delegation 6b5g:130d:9040:3eb4::/62
Primary DNS IPv6 address 6b5g:1300:c0:2c1::4:1101,6b5g:1300:c0:2c9::4:1101

LAN network
IPv4 network
Default Gateway
IPv6 network 6b5g:130d:9040:3eb4::/64
MAC-address 5f:22:65:bb:30:ad

Is any of this information what I am looking for?
So what would the correct route be?

::/0 via something from the table?

Thank you.

Or has no one ever used IPv6 with Zerotier?

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