How do you share a remote printer

So I have everything set up so that I can print to a remote printer. That all works fine. What I’m trying to do is share the printer that have connected to the remote printer on the local network so that all of the local users can print to that shared printer. However when I try to connect to the shared printer tries to print to the zero tier IP address as opposed to trying to print to the shared printer on the PC that’s connected to zero tier. Hopefully that makes sense. When I look at the port on the printer when it’s connected on another machine it shows the zero tier ip/printername and if I make any changes on that it’s also changed on the printer that’s connected to zero tier.

I’m trying to avoid having to go on each user’s computer set up a separate Zerotier connection So that they can print directly across the VPN connection. Is there any way to do this? I really just want to be able to set up a printer on one of the computers on the network that can print remotely and then share it with all the other users on the network.


I’m far from an expert, but what I think you want is bridging.

Try taking a look at these two pages and see if anything there applies to your situation (I know they’re talking about Linux and OpenWrt but the theory should still be similar if these are Windows computers):

My apologies if that’s not useful or relevant.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. This is on a windows network. The printer is being shared from Windows Server 2019 and all of the clients are Windows 10. I’ll take a look at those pages.


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