How exactly do I use pings to troubleshoot my ZeroTier network?

I have very little knowledge when it comes to VPNs and this type of stuff, so I am a bit confused. To give some background, I basically have a ‘license server’ PC and my personal PC; I want to use ZeroTier to connect my personal PC to the license server in order to use a simulation software. This has worked for me before but is now not working anymore for some reason. I have these 2 PCs right here next to each other and they are connected to the same internet.

According to the ZeroTier tray app and the ZeroTier central, I am connected and everything is fine. But when I go to use the simulation software (ANSYS) on my personal PC, it says that it timed out when trying to connect to the license server and I can’t do anything. Is there any way I can try troubleshooting this by using pings to see if I’m actually connected?

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