How i can reddirect connections from vps to zerotier node?

Hello, I’m a newbie.

Does anyone know how I can redirect connections between port 25565 on a VPS and another PC with ZeroTier? Both are connected to a ZeroTier network.

I want to use an Orange Pi for a Minecraft server but I can only have dynamic because the ISP that i hired does not provide static IP to home users and I have a low spec VPS.

I want to know if anyone can teach me a way to connect to the people to the server, using the VPS domain name :frowning:

Good question, but rather than port forwarding, what you likely want is a Minecraft Proxy such as Velocity (there are other proxies available). You set up Minecraft and ZeroTier on your Orange Pi or any other machine on your local network. Then you install ZeroTier on the VPS along with the minecraft proxy and point the proxy at the ZeroTier IP address of your minecraft server.

This is exactly how I run a minecraft server for my son and his friends.

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I am very grateful for the help that you have given to me. I was able to configure the Minecraft server perfectly with Velocity and ZeroTier.

It’s a nice action to set up a server for your son and his friends. My respects for you, sir.

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